What Do We Do?

Simply put, Smart Office makes communication easy.

Whether you are a multi-national corporation or a work-from-home entrepreneur, we have custom communication solutions to meet your needs. For over 15 years, Smart Office has been a cornerstone supplier in the health & wellness, financial planning, and Direct Sales industries. Under the leadership of our CEO, Alan Alpert, Smart Office has developed an unparalleled reputation for outstanding service and delivery. We operate with one goal in mind: To create perfect, custom solutions that not only meet our client-partners’ needs, but exceed their expectations.

Who We Are

Our people

Smart Office has brought together a team of expert developers and communications industry veterans to help you succeed in your technology initiatives. Our executive leadership includes innovators in VoIP and mobile development strategy as well as seasoned direct sales industry suppliers.

Our Philosophy

At Smart Office, we embrace the idea that our clients are not just customers, but partners. Our portfolio of products has evolved, organically, to meet the changing needs of our clients as they adapt to 21st century technology. Tailored solutions help our partner companies achieve their objectives affordably and effectively.

Who Trusts Us

Why Choose Smart Office?

Smart Office has built a global communication infrastructure designed to meet the specific needs of the Direct Selling Industry, while remaining committed to the success and growth of their clients for the last 14 years.

Smart Office is proud to have won the prestigious DSA Partnership Award for 2016. Learn More …

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