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Business Building Tools for Distributors Under $20 per Month

For nearly two decades, Smart Office has provided award-winning communication and collaboration tools to Direct Selling industry organizations. As we enter the last year of the decade, Smart Office is celebrating the distributors that make network marketing possible. Keep reading for information on our portfolio of services for small and home business owners.

The Existential Pain of Paid Services

Free Trial. Free Forever. Free Basic Subscription. Freemium. Free to Try. With so many free options for business services, why would any business struggling with launch expenses pay for premium, enterprise services? We answer that question and help you decide when to make the leap from free to paid.

Text Marketing – Creating Interactive Live Events

Text messaging and event coordination go hand-in-hand. Keeping people connected, engaged and getting attendees to the right location at the right time can be difficult, unless you have our event texting solution! Prior to the event, create a buzz by promoting the venue, speakers, activities and contests. Reaching out to attendees right before the start […]

Text Marketing and the EUGDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)

Although the bulk of the EU GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation) that rolled out in 2018 concerned data privacy, storage, security, and disclosure, at Smart Office we are still fielding questions from customers expanding into other countries who want to ensure their communications are compliant. Keep reading for important guidelines that will affect […]

Short Code? Long Code? Does It Really Matter?

It’s show time! You’re ready to launch. Your top level distributors and early adopters are ready to spread the word, peer-to-peer, in their networks. How will you support them? How will you augment their efforts? One way to support your distributors is to provide free, corporate-to-field and corporate-to-customer support and compliant marketing. In the US, […]

Text SMART with Mobile Campaigns

Effective communication during the onboarding process can be the key to productivity and retention. If traditional methods such as email are no longer getting the attention needed, try the most effective communication channel — texting! 98% of text messages are opened (compared to just 20-30% of emails). People would sooner leave home without their wallets […]

What’s New in Smart Office – January 2019

New Year, New You – New US! Smart Office is moving and shaking in 2019, with big changes and expansions in our premier communication and technology solutions. Keep reading to learn what we are bringing to the Direct Selling Industry this month!

Free Webinar “Social Selling With Leadklozer”

Introducing LeadKlozer: The first automated social lead-tracker, with “Smart“ suggestions that take the confusion out of lead tracking and follow-up, so you can close more leads faster! Use LeadKlozer to manage your social media and personal activity and get more done in less time!