Team Beachbody

The Challenge

Beachbody was interested in increasing volume and recurring listeners on their LIVE Monday morning Wake-Up call for their entire Coach field. Although they had been holding the conferences for several years, they were not seeing the kind of growth and week-over-week participation that they had hoped for.

The Timeframe

In 2012, Beachbody was looking for fast, measurable results, and to get people engaged from the start of the call for the pre-call Contest, and to discourage late arrivals/engagement.

  • Keywords 50%
  • Turnaround 12%
  • Call Conversion Rate 85%
  • Traffic Increase 35%

Enter TXTsmart – part of the Smart Office family

SMS/Text Campaign

TXTsmart Product Expert Michelle Flick created a keyword for a brand new SMS/Text reminder campaign – “CoachCall.” Coaches who opted in to the Keyword would receive a scheduled reminder each Monday morning with a special, DirectDial pinless dial-in number to join the call. The opt-in was promoted during pre-call on the weekly call.


Automatic Reminders

CoachCall reminders go out weekly on Monday morning, prompting most Coaches to dial in directly from their mobile phones. This is especially convenient as the call takes place while many Coaches are on their mobile commute, and email reminders during Drive Time are impractical and unsafe.

DirectDial Access

Thanks to the DirectDial feature, Smart Office is able to correlate how many Coaches dial in using the number in their reminder to produce real-time metrics on engagement.

  • First Year DirectDial Usage 32%
  • First Year Participation Increase 35%

Measurable Results in 12 months!

Within the first year after launching the texting program in 02/2012, Beachbody’s stats improved measurably. Within 12 months they had opted in several thousand Coaches to receive weekly reminders. 32% of callers were dialing into the DirectDial line that had been texted to them. Their overall participation on the call had increased by 35%!

We Rethought Everything

Complete Corporate Identity

  • New Opt-In Engagement 90%
  • Overall Participation Rate up 400%! 400%

The Results Were Amazing!

Team Beachbody has been running the TXTsmart ‘CoachCall’ reminder program for the last 4 years. Although they use a variety of methods for encouraging participation, they only publish the DirectDial number via text, giving insight into how popular the program remains.

The number of coaches opted in continues to increase weekly, to over 8x the first year total. Over 90% of new Opt-ins participating within 30 days of Opt-In. 50% of callers dial into the DirectDial line that had been texted to them.

Their overall participation on the call has increased by 400%!

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We Rethought Everything