Organo Gold

The Challenge

In June 2013, Organo Gold had already been using us for their Enterprise-sized audio conferencing needs for over a year when they approached us to assist with their weekday radio show, The Coffee Break Call.

The Timeframe

Organo’s hosts were looking to consolidate services and utilize the more traditional and predictable audio conferencing platform. They wanted to preserve the feel of a produced radio show and were looking to make the transition in less than 30 days.

Enter TXTsmart – part of the Smart Office family

Engaging Speakers

One of the challenges Organo Gold faced was how to keep a midday radio show-style conference series fresh, with new speakers and exciting stories daily, without having to curate a list of invited speakers 52 weeks a year.


Automatic Reminders

Using our TXTsmart text messaging platform, Smart Office devised an invitation-based rotating guest speaker protocol. Listeners to the radio show could “Opt In” using a shortcode-based keyword, and would be randomly selected to join the next day’s call.

DirectDial Access

Chosen guest speakers receive unique access information and dial into an exclusive Virtual Green Room before the next day’s call, where they can listen to the Coffee Break call until they are introduced by Smart Office’s production crew of professional conference operators.

  • Stat 1 62%
  • Stat 2 89%

A Successful Transition!

The radio show’s transition from web-based platform to audio conference went smoothly, and prospective guest speakers opt in to the text-based reminders daily. The program has proven to be a success, with well over 6,000 invites being sent out to guest speakers from the US and internationally, to date. The combination of Organo Gold’s high energy main hosts and enthusiastic guest speakers help to keep the call fresh, day after day.

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