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What makes our office 'Smart'? Our people of course!

Alan Alpert

Alan has been the name and face of Smart Office since the doors opened. He is a consummate professional best known for his high integrity and incredible networking skills (not to mention the warm smile and friendly handshake). It is because of Alan’s vision that Smart Office is among the most well respected companies in the industry. A common challenge among the team members is who can keep up with Alan’s high energy at our events… and to no surprise, he always wins.

Alan definitely has two super powers – the power to make people smile and the ability to see the future; although we cannot accurately confirm the latter.

Phone: 800-891-8601 x 112 (Exec Assistant)
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Scott Orlinski

Scott has been making communication easy with SOS for more than 13 years and is a big part of the company’s success, especially where it relates to technology and growth strategy. Scott has developed communication strategies currently in use by dozens of huge companies. During downtime when he’s not writing a book, speaking to the masses, teaching college classes, or making our clients’ dreams come true, you might find him relaxing to a nice massage, enjoying his family, or renting a car for a random ten-hour drive.
Scott’s super power would be granting unlimited wishes, so long as the results of the wishes were positive. (Cue unicorns).

Phone: 800-891-8601 x 108
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Grant Deviney

President of Conferencing
Grant is a charismatic leader and an entrepreneur at heart. He joined SOS back in 2002 with an extremely diverse professional background that included training, operations, marketing, and management. On any given day you will find Grant making the lives of our conferencing clients a whole lot better by not only providing great solutions, but also working hand-in-hand to help them grow their business. He also plays a mean saxophone (we are not actually sure if he plays the sax but he’s so cool that he probably should).
Grant’s super power is the ability to accurately judge exactly how funny a joke is… plus we think he knows how to control time.

Phone: 800-891-8601 x 109
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Mike Bennett

SVP Sales
Mike Bennett is a fantastic networker, problem solver, and business builder – not to mention he is the most qualified at SOS to change light bulbs and reach things in the top cabinets. Mike has been making communication easy for SOS clients since 2014 and has made a great impact with his professionalism, intelligence and wit; plus exceptional business development skills and executive sales strategies. At any given time of the day you will find Mike with a phone up to each ear and a big smile on his face.
Mike’s super power is his unwavering self-confidence, which drives him to even greater confidence in a never-ending confident-growing cycle. He’ll probably explode soon.

Phone: 800-891-8601 x 124
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Michelle Flick

VP, Mobile
Michelle is the ldr of r mbl dvsn + has been hlpng clnts w txt + mbl @ SOS for 5 yrs now. She is often looked upon as the most innovative member of the team, handling everything from implementation, training, launch plans, and sometimes lunch plans. Her exceptional background in customer service, training, and event planning makes her “real” job of holding a lot of hands that much easier.
Michelle’s super power is the ability to spot an insect within 5 seconds of walking into a room, but will ask for your shoes to squash them… because she is certainly not using hers. She is also obsessed with trains, but we fear what would happen if she found an insect on a train.

Phone: 800-891-8601 x 118
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Eric Alpert

Chief Operating & Legal Officer
Eric has been making communication easy with SOS since 2013. Quite possibly the smartest person on the SOS team, Eric leads all operations, legal affairs, and HR. Essentially all things administrative fall under his lead. To that end, Eric is a Gator and not much else matters! He was on the Dean’s List at UF, where he received his degree in Finance; he was the president of the Law School Mentoring Society; and is a current member of the Florida Bar. We told you he was smart!
Eric’s super power is his ability to eat an entire Grande Meal from Taco Bell in one sitting. We believe he acquired this ability while attending college at UF.

Phone: 800-891-8601 x 106
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