The Challenge

Jeunesse had a need to provide a robust integrated mobile platform to their growing distributor base. Distributors are living and working on their mobile phone in numerous countries and languages and a single platform was desired as a one stop hub for communication, prospecting and training.

The Timeframe

In 2014, SmartOffice Solutions was contacted to rapidly provide a solution. The challenge was to produce a mobile app fully integrated with their existing back office systems in time for a Jeunesse corporate event.

SmartMobile to the rescue!

Rapid Development

The requirement was to produce a fully integrated mobile app, meaning that it had to talk to the Jeunesse Back Office. This meant tying into reporting and commissions as well as genealogy and files. It was very important to Jeunesse that their field have the ability to view an overall snapshot of how they stood in their business and then have the ability to share valuable content to further grow their business.


The Results Were Amazing!

The app was indeed launched at the LEAD Conference in 2014 and quickly became the most sought after tool in the Jeunesse arsenal.

Since the launch of JMobile, Jeunesse has enjoyed enormous growth with sales in Feb of 2015 up over 500% from the same month the previous year. To date, there are over 250,000 distributors in over 20 countries and languages using JMobile and expanding their business.

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