By creating solutions for both small and large companies, Smart Office Solutions has earned the reputation for consistently providing world-class quality and service to every client. When evaluating, planning and implementing business solutions for the direct selling/MLM industry, we have earned the respect and trust of companies and individuals operating worldwide.

Whether you are a company or an individual, established or emerging, Smart Office Solutions offers a wide variety of solutions for your business. We are dedicated to providing the solutions for your individual business needs. Smart Office Solutions embraces the value of constant improvement, which enables us to offer the results and service you demand while providing a stable and consistent foundation for your future. While focusing on providing quality products and services, Smart Office Solutions continues to assess the value we deliver to your business. Smart Office Solutions is a company striving to return the faith individual’s and company’s once held in the promise of a true ‘Partnership’.

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Smart Office Solutions has been so easy to work with. Always there to answer questions, come up with creative solutions and fix anything that needs fixing. What I like the most about them is they have a personal hands on approach from the owner to all the top managers, and an extremely professional service at a great price.

Lucy J. West
Director of Marketing and Sales
Fuel Freedom International Global Headquarters

We just wanted to send out this quick note of thanks and appreciation to both of you and the entire Smart Office Solutions team for a quick and seamless transition to your voice response system. Although we are not your biggest clients I’m sure with us only having 40,000 representatives. You treated us like we were and made the transition and implementation a pure pleasure, it’s relationships like this that give us great confidence we are indeed in the right field (MLM). We look forward to your technology helping us take this great company to the million representative level, and internationally as well. And your Voice Response System will be a major reason why we are able to, what a great great tool (more like a life line) it has become. Thanks again guys we are truly in your debt.

Brad J. Tayles
Vice President
Escape International

I love my working relationship with SOS. Everything is quality and the highest level of customer service. In dealing with everything technological, interruptions are bound happen. SOS keeps them to a minimum. I’ve experienced only 2 or 3 errors in about 5 years which is remarkable in and of itself. To me, the measure of a great company is how quickly we respond and resolve them. SOS is GREAT!!! As long as I need voice, conference calling, replay services, and other technologies to manage whatever business I have, SOS will be my partner!

Cheryl A. Cormier
President, RISE TO SOAR Empowerment Coach
Warm Spirit, #698

Working with Smart Office Solutions has been an excellent experience. Most importantly, we have had times where we needed special systems set up quickly and they have responded each and every time and come through perfectly. It is such a pleasure to work with professionals whose actions truly indicate their commitment to their clients.

Curtis Brome
Executive Vice President
NHT Global (Lexxus International)

In order for me to coach speakers nationally and internationally I have been utilizing the Smart Office Solutions teleconference service. The service is available 24/7 and the replay line feature is an invaluable tool that affords one the opportunity to go back and hear the call. Smart Office Solutions’ staff members are professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I am very impressed by the high level of professionalism and the customer service that is provided to each and every person. Due to the changing times, the products of Smart Office Solutions, Inc. will benefit any organization if they want to take their business to the next level!

Les Brown
Speaker, Coach, and Author
Les Brown Enterprises

Thank you so much for what you do for my business. Your conference call and replay services have helped me double my business this past year. Using your services really has helped me build a communication bridge to my team of thousands. I look forward to a bright future and having your partnership will make a big difference.

Brian Carruthers
Six Figure Ring Earner
Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate

It’s amazing! The customer service is outstanding! No is not part of your vocabulary. You are our technology partner, we are more than your customer and you have our back 24/7 on all of our fax on demand, conferencing, and replay lines to keep our consultants in the loop always…. Thank you for being the best at what you do!

Stacey Clark
Director of Special Projects
Warm Spirit

I would like to say Thank You!!! I am so impressed with the quality of service that you and your support staff have given our team. You are the BEST! I would recommend anyone and everyone to go with you. I have tried several other companies before Smart Office Solutions. No one can even come close to you! Your servant attitude has made me a customer for life. Thanks for all you do!

Darin Kidd
Six Figure Ring Earner
Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate

Working with Smart Office Solutions has been a dream. The solutions provided are top quality and very affordable. Not only did we save a lot of money, we have grown our team dramatically using the tools SOS provides. Every time I speak with my account representative, I feel as I am their only customer. Keep up the excellent work Smart Office Solutions!

Mark Eldridge
Executive Director
Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate

We have had incredible success with Smart Office Solutions. I would recommend everyone choose Smart Office Solutions for their conferencing needs. The service they provide is incredible. Smart Office Solutions treats everyone as if they are their most preferred client. Don’t go anywhere else, you will waste you time and money.

Cori Dyer
Presidential Advisory Member
for Synergy Worldwide

The Smart Office Solutions Group has been an invaluable resource for our company and national Members. SOS has provided us with unique, integrated solutions that have allowed us to do one-stop shopping for our field communications needs. Not only have they saved us money and time, their immediate availability and stellar service have reassured us that we will always be taken care of.

Andrew Baechler
Eniva Corporation

I wanted to send a quick note thanking you for the awesome service you and your team have provided to me personally, and to our North American sales organization. The service has been remarkable and we’ve seen a steady increase in the numbers. All of this due to call quality and integrity. As we continue to grow we know you will continue to complement our need for service, and refresh us with the ideas necessary to always compete at the highest level. Again thanks for your attention to the pressing needs of our organization.

John Hoffman
Executive Director
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
I have found the conference call services to be flawless. In that past six months I never had one technical difficulty and found the quality of the phone lines and service to be perfect. Having access to my own conference line at all times has helped me serve my clients more effectively than ever before. Thanks for your support in serving my clients and growing my business. I have never had such a good experience with this kind of technology.

Tom Batchelder

Our business relationship with Smart Office Solutions over the years has been one of a highly professional nature. The staff has met and exceeded all of our expectations. On the rare occasion that we’ve run into any technical questions, they were very courteous and expedient with the service. The services that Smart Office Solutions offers to us and our affiliate members worldwide is a very significant part of our marketing program. I highly recommend their services to anyone in the industry.

Les Sakal
V.P. of Marketing/Research and Development

I want you to know that you are a delight to work with, and you definitely stand out as our most responsive and caring vendor. We all appreciate your prompt attention to our requests and phone calls so much. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Deborah Reid
Ohana Health Company

I’ve known Al and Nancy for 10 years and am pleased to recommend ‘SOS’ as a Preferred Vendor. The Group is professional, customer-focused, cost effective and easy to work with. The Founder Alan Alpert follows a ‘try me, you’ll like me’ philosophy, is well rounded in all aspects of the business tools he offers, and won’t let you down.

Tom Lupo
30 Year ‘Veteran’ In Direct Sales

I would like to recommend Smart Office Solutions to do business with for multiple reasons. The first one is that they are a team of extremely honest and caring people who have proven themselves as people who listen to your needs and go to bat for you to make sure your needs are met. The second thing that makes this company a strong choice to do business with is that they are well diversified with strong products that they can provide you. Smart Office Solutions is truly a unique one stop shop because they are able to offer you multiple products without scarifying the quality of the products or the service your will receive. Our company will continue to do business with Smart Office Solutions and I recommend them to everyone who is serious about working with a top notch company.

Eric Ranks
NuVero Corporation

I would like to thank all of you for your prompt and excellent customer service. I am constantly impressed with the service I receive, no matter what the issue may be. Grant Deviney is a pleasure to work with. From the moment I first called, you all have made it simple to get my conference calling up and running. I will recommend you any chance I get.

Liz George and the “Cool Stuff” Team
“Cool Stuff” Media