Smart Office PBX

VIRTUAL PBX – A Virtual Phone System Without The Price!

Our Virtual PBX Business Plan is an extremely cost effective alternative to a traditional PBX phone or Key system. Purchasing a PBX phone system and installing it in your location is a major cost for your company. We can provide all of the functionality and much more through our centrally located system – at a fraction of the cost! With our system, there is no hardware purchase or installation costs. To utilize our system, only standard telephones and telephone service is required. Voice messages, faxes and call reports can all be accessed through our web site at no additional charge. With our off-premise service concept, your office phone system can be extended to include every phone in the USA!

Our Business Plan is designed for any size company and especially for any business where employees are not always at the same physical office (for example: Sales people who are on the road or a home-based business with multiple employees or owners).

From large corporations with multiple locations to individual staff members working from home, our Virtual PBX system gives you the ability to handle all communications while providing a solid corporate image.

Your business will appear much larger and provide superior customer service, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system!


• No Hardware Or Software Purchase Is Required
• Calls Are Handled By A Toll-Free Number (thousands of included minutes optional)
• Unlimited Mailbox Capability (you will never hear that your mailbox is full)
• Call Screening (announces whom the call is for and who is calling)
• Each Extension Has Voicemail And Follow-Me (call redirection) Capability
• Call Transfer To Another Extension Or An Outside Phone Number
• Continuous Hold And Call Queues Available
• Multiple Queues (i.e. dial 2 for sales, 3 for customer service, 0 for operator)
• Custom Message On Hold Available
• Dial-By-Name Feature
• Low Monthly Cost Resulting In Significant Savings
• System Easily Administered Through The Web (add extensions, edit names, etc)
• Listen To Voicemail Messages, View Faxes Or Review Call Reports Online At No Charge
• Message Notification ß Conference Call Up To 9 Parties
• Fax-On-Demand Or Fax Mailboxes Available Upon Request
• Completely Mobile If Company Should Ever Relocate
• Completely Customizable To Fit Your Needs


Our goal is to help your company increase sales, recruiting, and retention by effectively communicating with your sales force through…

• Conference Calling
• Multimedia & Voice Messaging
• Replay Lines
• Mobile Phone Software
• Sizzle Messages
• Unified Messaging
• Voice-On-Demands
• Video Conferencing
• Web Conferencing
• International Communication
• Virtual PBX
• Custom Solutions

By creating solutions for both small and large companies, Smart Office Solutions has earned the reputation for consistently providing world-class quality and service to every client. When evaluating, planning and implementing business solutions for the direct selling/MLM industry, we have earned the respect and trust of companies and individuals operating worldwide.

Whether you are a company or an individual, established or emerging, Smart Office Solutions offers a wide variety of solutions for your business. We are dedicated to providing the solutions for your individual business needs. Smart Office Solutions embraces the value of constant improvement, which enables us to offer the result and service you demand while providing a stable and consistent foundation for your future. While focusing on providing quality products and services, Smart Office Solutions continues to assess the value delivered to your business. Smart Office Solutions is a company striving to return the faith individual’s and company’s once held in the promise of a true “Partnership”.