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How Do You Deploy a Mobile App in 45 Days? Be Zurvita™! Get Smart Office Solutions!

HOUSTON, Sept. 18, 2015 — Mobile application development takes time. Time to design. Time to test. Time to launch. Especially apps designed to facilitate business processes.

And because business process apps are especially complex and time intensive at every stage of development, they can be notoriously late launching.

Unless they are applications required by Zurvita™ and designed by Smart Office Solutions.
Zurvita™ is a leader in the development and marketing of nutritional supplements direct marketed to several hundred thousand customers in more than half a dozen countries.

For more than 15 years, Smart Office Solutions has created communications tools and technologies to make direct selling companies such as Zurvita™ more efficient in directing and motivating large independent sales organizations.

Zurvita™ Vice President of Marketing Carl Waters says, “The folks at Smart Office have earned a reputation for knowing our industry and being a reliable partner. So, we were confident in their ability to provide us a mobile application that would be state-of-the-art.  But I’ve got to admit: we were anxious about the deadline.”  Zurvita™ had an international conference 45 days away, and the mobile application had to be ready for launch and demonstration at that event!  If it wasn’t, nearly 4,000 Independent Consultants from around the world would be very disappointed.

Smart Office Senior Vice President of Global Sales Mike Bennett says, “Normally 90 days is the minimum requirement for deployment of a mobile application. But Zurvita™ has an experienced management team, deep knowledge of its customers and Consultants, and we knew that working together, we could do it!”

The result of that collaboration is ZMobile, a customization of the Smart Office mobile application (SmartMobile) developed specifically for direct sellers.  Mike Bennett says, “Already having developed an app with a feature set sensitive to the requirements of direct selling was essential to our deadline performance.”

ZMobile™ can be downloaded to any Android or Apple iOS smart phone and provides mobile onboard functionality previously available only online, such as:

  • Standalone functionality
  • Interface with back office platforms and other direct selling industry-specific technologies
  • Support calls to action
  • Real-time communications to drive target audience to replicated websites
  • Performs a broad range of business operations such as:
    • Enrolling Preferred Customers and Consultants
    • Ordering product and supplies
    • Promoting with videos and other digital communications
    • In-app communication (no SMS charges)
    • Multi-lingual international communication
    • Training and promotion
    • Enterprise deployment

The result is that ZMobile is…

  • User-friendly
  • Functional
  • Sensitive to consultant requirements
  • An encouragement of sponsoring, sales, training, and effective communications

… and it launched on time!

All of which has resulted in nearly 4,000 Consultants downloading the app in the first week. Which is more downloads than there were attendees at the launch conference!

Zurvita™ is a global marketing company providing a unique line of original wellness products to support the healthy lifestyles of people of all ages. Zurvita™ is dedicated to creating a user-friendly, fully supported environment for people to leverage word-of-mouth networking and the power of social media to create proven home business opportunities. ZMobile™ is the most recent evidence of that commitment to a richly-supported user-friendly opportunity for home-based entrepreneurs to enjoy both immediate cashflow and long-term residual income.

Zurvita contact:
Carl Waters, Vice President of Marketing

Smart Office Solutions contact:
Mike Bennett, Senior Vice President
(800) 891-8601 x124
(305) 336-9561 (direct)

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